A Person's Worth Being Judged on Material Possessions Rather Than Honor, Kindness and Trust


Nowadays, reality shows on televisions are very common, and the easiest job that can be seen in these shows is 'judging'. And specially the reality shows including the talent hunts are most common in this television era. The above things might not seem relevant to the topic, but it surely highlights one common feature among us human beings, that is, our 'quality' to judge people. Talent has no limit. According to me, talent can not be judged, only displayed. But in this world, full of people sighting for shortcuts and not depending on hard-work, have just started criticizing and judging other people's work instead of minding their own business.

Now, I agree with the fact that being judgmental has been in our genes for ages now, but judging people on the basis of non-materialistic things has been the latest trend. A person's worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions which should be immaterial things, but it is not. People with popularity and money have been the preferred choices for almost each and every department of dreams that a common man dreams in its dreams. For example if an honest and hard working man dreams to become an IAS officer, and he, through his passion to achieve his goal to become one, gets into the final round, can not be assured to get that post if he is facing the competition with the man possessing all the 'evil' powers equipped with all the 'latest' equipments. Thus the one epitomizing kindness and honesty seems to lose his dream job.

Money being the most essential need of a man to survive, makes this world more vulnerable to such situations. And money decides popularity. More the money, more the social status. The greed of becoming rich using foul ways has resulted to the biggest problem in our country, which is corruption. Our old fashioned values ​​such as kindness, trust, honesty and hard work, no longer seem significant now. In the world of politics, there is surely no place for the one having the above qualities. It's an obvious visual fact that many of the political parties consisting of 'greedy' members are most favorable to win elections whereas candidates with just honesty and having a 'dream' to create a change are not in any case able to win.

So it's quite relevant that 'a person's worth is being only judged according to the number of cars he has and not on the basis of a two wheeler he drives'.


Source by Kshitij Kapoor

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