Improving Memory Techniques – How to Study Subjects You Hate


Improving memory techniques are most needed for exams. This is especially the case, if you hate a subject or a topic but you still have to revise for it. School children or even adults struggle to tackle this problem. Here are some improving memory techniques which can help you improve your memory for subjects you do not like.

1. Self Affirmation

This is a very important thing to do before beginning to study a subject. You need to tell yourself that the subject is interesting and that you'll enjoy it. You need to believe in yourself that you'll be able to grasp this subject by its throat and pass with flying colors.

This may sound silly for those who have not done self affirmation before. But it works.

When you repeat statements to yourself and try to honestly believe in these statements, you'll find that your sub-conscious mind will actually believe it. It will not take long before you actually believe what you're saying to yourself.

By continuously repeating positive statements to yourself and believing in them, you'll find that you are more motivated and excited when you start to study the material. You'll have a whole new perspective on the subject and your memory will improve ten-folds using this technique.

2. Understanding The Subject

When you are reading the subject, start from the beginning and read right through it till the end. The point is not to memorize the facts in this reading. The point is to understand what the whole picture is of that particular chapter. You need to understand the material and how it works.

Once your brain understands the logic of the subject and it knows in general the topics covered, then you can start revising seriously by trying to memorize the facts. This memory improving technique is very powerful.

Since your brain understands how things work, remembering the details is so much easier. Whereas if you do not understand the subject and just try to remember the facts, the revision process will be painful and ineffective.

3. Use Short Breaks

This memory improving technique works hand in hand with the 2 techniques described above. When humans try to memorize facts, they often remember the beginning and the end most clearly. The bit in the middle is the part that is most easily forgotten.

The reason is that when we start revising, we have an interest in the subject so the beginning of the material can be easily recalled. The material which you have revised at the end is also more memorable, because you're happier since you're nearly finished revising and plus the material is most recent as it's the last thing you've read.

Now if you take short breaks such as a 10 minute rest between every 30 minutes of revision, you'll find that you can remember a lot more facts. You're fully utilizing the ability to remember the beginning and end of the material to a much greater advantage.

These 3 techniques are a start to help you improve your memory. You need to read more on improving your memory and with continuous practice of the techniques, you'll be saving a tremendous amount of time remembering important things.


Source by Adrian Abel

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